This study aimed to investigate the effect of spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) by chiropractors on the performance of golf players.

Forty-three participants were randomized to 1 of 2 groups – group one engaged in a stretch program only, and group two engaged in the stretch program and received SMT.

Before treatment all golfers performed 3 full-swing maneuvers, and ball range was measured. The treatment was then administered and the maneuvers repeated afterwards. This procedure was then repeated once a week over a 4-week period.  No improvement of full-swing performance was observed during the four sessions for the stretch only group. However there was observed improvement at the fourth session for the SMT and stretch group.

Thus the authors concluded that chiropractic SMT in association with muscle stretching may be associated with an improvement in full-swing performance when compared to muscle stretching alone.


Costa, S. M. V., Chibana, Y. E. T., Giavarotti, L., Compagnoni, D. S., Shiono, A. H., Satie, J., & Bracher, E. S. B. Effect of spinal manipulative therapy with stretching compared with stretching alone on full-swing performance of golf players: A randomized pilot trial. Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, 8, 165-170. Doi: 10.1013/j.jcm.2009.06.002