Cervical (Neck) Meniscoid Entrapment

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What is Cervical (Neck) Meniscoid Entrapment?

It is when the soft tissue in between the joint capsule becomes trapped, and a ‘pinching’ or ‘catching’ sensation with neck pain is experienced.

What are the symptoms of Cervical (Neck) Meniscoid Entrapment?

You usually experience:

  • Neck pain with a ‘catching’ feeling when moving your neck
  • Sharp neck pain with muscle guarding that gets worse over time
  • Limited neck movement

What are the causes of neck pain due to Cervical (Neck) Meniscoid Entrapment?

These include:

  • Abnormal biomechanics in the cervical spine (neck region)
  • Pain as a result of muscle spasm, i.e. acute locked neck syndrome
  • Prolonged immobility of the joints in the neck i.e. prolonged poor posture when using electronics (tablets, phones)

If I experience neck pain from Cervical (Neck) Meniscoid Entrapment, what can I do?

  • Ice to the affected area. Click this link for duration
  • Rest

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