Lumbar Facet Syndrome

Lumbar Facet Syndrome

If you are experiencing symptoms, it is advised to see an experienced Aurum Health Care Chiropractor before commencing any self-management strategies. Call us on 9899 1416 or Book Online.

What is Lumbar Facet Syndrome?

Facet or Z-joints are those joints located behind adjacent vertebrae and are responsible for prolonged stability in the spinal column whilst allowing movement. Lumbar Facet Syndrome occurs when these joints become irritated or damaged and cause lower back pain and/or discomfort.

What are the symptoms of Lumbar Facet Syndrome?

You usually experience:
  • Feeling off-centre or that your spine is bent in one direction
  • Experiencing a dull, achy pain which is localised to the lower back
  • Pain may also radiate into buttock and/or thigh

If I experience lower back pain from Lumbar Facet Syndrome, what can I do?

  • Ice to the affected area. Click this link for duration
  • Rest
  • Use of a back brace, however, this should not be used long-term
  • Avoid positions that cause pain


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