Postural Syndrome

Postural Syndrome

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What is postural syndrome?

Postural syndrome refers to the postural fatigue of muscles in the spine either in the neck, mid back or lower back regions. This may cause symptoms such as neck pain, mid back pain, lower back pain, and headaches

What are the symptoms of Postural Syndrome?

You usually experience:

  • Gradual onset of dull, achy pain and stiffness in shoulder girdle, upper back and neck
  • Pain may refer to the base of the head, shoulders or chest
  • Pins and needles in the hands or fingers
  • Notable poor posture
  • Pain is better with activity and worse with prolonged sitting at a desk or computer

What causes Postural Syndrome?

It is usually caused by:

  1. Poor posture
    • Slouching with forward head carriage
    • Rounding of the shoulder girdle
    • A straight neck curve
  2. Other mechanisms
    • Chronic overload of the muscles in the neck, mid back and/or lower back
    • Compressed Subclavian artery
    • Compressed brachial plexus which innervates the upper limb
    • Pressure on the nerve at the base of the skull which can cause headaches
    • Chronic traction on muscles which can lead to muscle spasm, local pain and trigger points

If I do have poor posture and/or experience neck, mid back, lower back pain and headaches, what can I do?

  • Correct your posture – tummy in, and shoulders and chin back (make sure you’re still able to breath and talk)
  • Check your work station setup ergonomics
  • Check your car seat setup


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