About Us

About Us

When Dr Paul Lee (Chiropractor) and Dr Vivien Voon (Chiropractor) established Aurum Health Care in 2016, their goal was to create a centre of excellence in chronic pain management to serve the communities of the Hills District and Upper North Shore.

In the intervening years, Aurum Health Care has gained a well-deserved reputation for its commitment to patients who travel across Sydney because they value Aurum’s comprehensive, compassionate approach to treating persistent chronic pain using non-pharmacological and non-invasive techniques.

about us

Our approach

Chronic pain is still poorly understood among generalist healthcare professionals. That’s why so many people don’t get the care they really need. Instead, they’re given treatment for their presenting symptoms, but the underlying cause of their pain is not explored, meaning that the ‘treatment’ may be pointed at the wrong target.

Aurum Health Care is dedicated to relieving chronic pain. Our trusted Chiropractors have undertaken extensive postgraduate training in chronic pain. We know that many different factors influence its development and that, while the pain may be felt in one place, the true cause of it could be elsewhere.

Like a good detective, we spend time gathering information about your pain experience, medical history, genetics, lifestyle and physical condition then we draw all those diagnostic clues together to give you an accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plan.

    With Aurum Health Care, you:

    • Finally feel that your chronic pain is recognised and understood
    • Gain hope that there is a way forward
    • Can trust our high level of clinical expertise in chronic pain, which enables us to diagnose and treat your pain after assessing you as a whole person
    • Experience streamlined care from one highly skilled chronic pain consultant
    • Feel empowered by our clear explanations of your chronic pain condition and equipped to practice self-care methods alongside in-clinic treatments.

    Here’s how high we set the bar

    Relate warmly

    Relate warmly

    We listen to your symptoms and experiences, ask careful questions to explore deeper and really seek to understand the history and impact of your pain.


    Rely on evidence

    As highly trained health professionals, we rely on robust evidence to guide our clinical recommendations, ensuring you only receive treatments that have proven their value.


    Communicate clearly

    We want you to understand what’s going on in your body so we take time to explain what’s happening in plain English, not medical jargon.



    We work with your GPs or other members of your healthcare team to ensure you receive coordinated care.



    We reassess regularly, celebrate your progress and adjust our treatment plan to reflect your current needs.

    Committed to exceptional patient care

    Many, many people live with debilitating, ongoing pain. It might stem back to an injury, a chronic condition or a persistent headache. Pain can significantly limit your activities and reduce your quality of life.

    We don’t want that for you. We’re here to help you experience the benefits of chiropractic care so you can move more easily and enjoy a more active life.

    Our Care Pathway

    Whole-person assessment including detailed clinical history, lifestyle, genetics and pain experience, referring for relevant imaging or tests if necessary.

    Diagnosis and detailed explanation of the reasons for your pain or dysfunction.

    Expert advice and evidence-based treatment plans designed for fast pain relief and sustained improvement.

    Strategies to prevent reinjury, maintain or improve the body’s movement.

    Discussion of treatment options to make sure you’re comfortable with any treatments performed.

    Our purpose built facility in Norwest is the ideal place to come if you’re experiencing:
    • Neck pain
    • Mid back pain
    • Lower back pain
    • Sciatica dysfunction
    • Headaches and migraines
    • Radiating arm and/or leg pain
    • Chronic aches
    • Stiffness
    • Loss of spinal flexibility
    • Back weakness.

    Core Values

    IntegrityIntegrity means providing the right treatments and delivering on our commitments. This is a deep ethical commitment that starts within each one of us and informs our decisions when we hire staff. 

    TrustIntegrity is the foundation of trust – and we’re proud to have earned a position of trust among our patients and staff, reinforced by our dedication to our work and our consistently high service standards.

    We’re honest in our dealings with patients and each other. We’re also honest in our role as AHPRA-registered health practitioners, looking for the best, unbiased evidence and communicating with you in everyday language you understand. If your needs are outside our skillset, we’ll refer you on to someone who can help you, because we value your time and want you to find the help you need.

    RespectEvery individual in our practice is treated with respect and dignity. Before we start any treatment, we’ll explain our recommendations and other options in a clear and concise manner that respects your right to make informed decisions.

    We respect your time by generally running on time. We ask that you respect our calendar by arriving punctually and letting us know in advance if you are running late or unable to make your appointment.

    communitiesWe are responsible citizens, committed to improving patients’ lives. To serve local communities, we undertake pro bono work in our clinic and are proud supporters of various local community causes.


    Call Aurum Health Care on (02) 9899 1416, or