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We treat a wide range of sporting injuries

Are you looking for a local sports chiropractor? Welcome to Aurum Health Care, your sports injury chiropractors located in Norwest, Sydney. We offer a range of solutions to help treat sporting injuries, including tailored rehabilitation programs designed to support recovery from sports injuries, work-related incidents, or post-surgical rehabilitation.

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If you’re looking to boost performance or get back in the game, we can help. Get in touch with us today on (02) 9899 1416, or book online.

Aurum Health Care | Sports Injury Clinic

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Sports and chiropractic treatments

Treatments using our modern techniques are usually comfortable and are performed to your tolerance level.

  • Adjustments (gentle movements)
  • Electrotherapy
  • Dry needling
  • Sports taping
  • Deep muscle release
  • Drop-piece technique
  • Instrument-assisted adjustments
  • Exercise prescription
  • Lifestyle modification

Aurum Health Care’s Chiropractors have extensive clinical experience in diagnosing and treating a range of simple and complex sporting injuries and are committed to helping you feel, function and perform at your best.

Get the most out of your sporting performance with sports chiropractic

We collaborate with individuals of all ages to help achieve their personal health and performance goals. Our chiropractic services are designed to address a variety of sports-related injuries and enhance athletic performance. As your local Sydney sports chiropractor, we aim to:

  • Alleviate pain and injuries impacting your competitive edge
  • Support the neuromusculoskeletal system for improved athletic function
  • Enhance peak performance naturally

Chiropractic at Aurum Health Care is an evidence-based practice that uses a range of gentle techniques to relieve sporting injuries, aches and pains, and enable you to move with greater ease and comfort.

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All your sports chiropractic questions answered

How can a chiropractor help after a sports injury?

Chiropractors can offer significant benefits following a sports injury through a variety of treatments aimed at the musculoskeletal system. Here are some ways sports chiropractic care can help.

Pain relief and inflammation reduction

Chiropractic techniques involve manual adjustments and manipulations to alleviate pain and inflammation, restore joint function, alleviate nerve pressure, and decrease muscle tightness.

Improved mobility and flexibility

Chiropractic adjustments and mobilisation techniques enhance joint range of motion and flexibility, benefiting athletes recovering from stiffness or limited movement injuries. We all know that being active in sports requires good flexibility and mobility, so help with these two areas is important.

Enhanced recovery process

Chiropractic care helps to enhance the body’s natural healing process by enhancing blood flow and reducing inflammation. This aims to help boost recovery time and facilitate a faster return to sporting activities.


Chiropractors can develop tailored rehabilitation programs that include exercises and stretches designed to restore strength, flexibility, and stability. This holistic approach ensures that athletes recover fully and regain their pre-injury performance levels.

Soft tissue therapy

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, chiropractors may use soft tissue techniques such as massage, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy to relieve muscle tension and promote healing.


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