Many people think that if they see a chiropractor that there is then no value in using physiotherapy, and vice versa. However, this simply isn’t accurate. In fact, both treatments have great benefits when used in concert with the right practitioners and patients.

Several chiropractors and physiotherapists advocate using their services together so that patients are able to get the benefit of both treatments. Let’s take a closer look at the roles of both chiropractors and physiotherapists and how both disciplines work together when it comes to patient care.

What is the role of a chiropractor?

A chiropractor is trained to diagnose problems of the spine and associated disorders of the nervous system. What many people don’t know is that they may also help with headaches, migraines, dizziness and some non-pathological balance disorders which may be due to altered movement in the spine. After finding what the problem is, chiropractors perform ‘adjustments’ which are a controlled stretch of the ligaments and tendons to stimulate nerve fibres and restore normal movement in the joint. These stretches vary in speed and depth and is dependent on the presenting condition. Chiropractors usually see patients who have a chronic problem.

What is the role of a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy focuses on the movement and improvement in the functional ability of the patient. This is generally through treatments such as mobilisations which are slower stretches of tendons and ligaments, muscle releasing techniques, electrotherapy and exercise. Physiotherapists often help patients overcome physical injuries that prevent them from enjoying their lifestyle to the fullest extent.

Why you may need both?

While the work that physiotherapists and chiropractors do may seem quite different, they share one major similarity; they address your body’s pain, function and range of movement. Your body works as one functional unit meaning all the joints work together. Many injuries require the work of both of these professionals, such as shoulder pain and many leg related issues.

By combining the two disciplines, you are able to receive a variety of treatments that help ensure your body is able to heal quickly and in the best way possible. Whilst chiropractic may help to diagnose the problem, relieve pain and restore normal movement, a physiotherapist can help to keep the restored movement and keep you pain free.

In some cases, one injury can also lead to other issues throughout the body that may call for the help of another discipline. For instance, if you are experiencing an ankle ligament sprain this may induce a limp. Whilst the issues surrounding the ankle can be treated by a physiotherapist, the limp may have resulted in a strain in the lower back which needs to be looked at by a chiropractor.

Finally, getting a second opinion on any injury is always valuable. Each profession can look at injuries and people differently and may notice one thing but not another. This means that they may go about treating the injury a certain way that fails to address the underlying issue. By visiting both professionals you are getting a far more well-rounded treatment than you would otherwise.

Aurum Health Care Chiropractors and Physiotherapists team are carefully selected to work together and succeed in achieving the best outcomes for patients.