Preventing falls is a public health challenge worldwide as falls in older people are a common cause of morbidity, mortality, and poor quality of life.

This study aimed to examine older people’s (> 65 years old) participation in fall prevention exercise activities. Over 5000 older people took part in a NSW Fall Prevention telephone survey.

Results demonstrated that only 21% of older people adhere to the public health recommendation of engaging in strength (e.g. resistance training) or balance-challenging activities (e.g. golf) at least twice a week.

Merom, D., Pye, V., Macniven, R., van der Ploeg, H., Milat, A., Sherrington, C.,…Bauman, A. (2012). Prevalence and correlates of participation in fall prevention exercise/physical activity by older adults. Preventative Medicine, 55, 613 – 617.