This study aimed to determine the influence of healthy lifestyle behavior (such as non-smoking, physical activity, healthy diet and low-moderate alcohol consumption) on the prognosis of occasional low back pain among men and women in the general population.

The sample comprised on 4000 women and 5000 men who took part in a public health survey in Stockholm, Sweden.

Results indicated that the risk of developing long duration troublesome low back pain among women with occasional low back pain decreased as healthy lifestyle behaviors increased. There was no clear association found among men.


Bohman, T., Alfredsson, L., Jensen, I., Hallqvist, J., Vingard, E., & Skillgate, E. (2014). Does a healthy lifestyle behavior influence the prognosis of low back pain among men and women in a general population? A population-based cohort study. BMJ Open, 4. Doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2015-005713