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Enjoy therapeutic relief and relaxation at our clinic near Baulkham Hills for massage clients

Are you experiencing back pain or muscle soreness? Are you looking for therapeutic relief from a qualified and experienced massage therapist? Look no further!

Here at Aurum Health Care, we provide a high-quality and affordable service for massage near Baulkham Hills. Because our primary practice also deals with physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation, it means that our services near Baulkham Hill for massage are often used in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment plan.

Our guiding philosophy and approach to spinal and sports rehabilitation means that we provide the highest-quality in several categories of massage near Baulkham Hills, including:

> Remedial

> Sports

> Deep Tissue

> Lymphatic Drainage

> Pregnancy and Postpartum

Clinic Near Baulkham Hills Providing Massage

The best massage near Baulkham Hills

At Aurum, we are home to a close-knit team of accredited therapists in remedial massage near Baulkham Hills. All of our therapists have a diploma from a recognised institution and are individually recognised by all health funds in Australia.

When you walk into our clinic, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are getting effective treatment from people who are both adequately qualified and experienced. You’ll only deal with professional and accredited practitioners at Aurum – and that’s our guarantee.

There’s nothing worse than being stuck on a table and knowing within the first 10 seconds that the therapist isn’t right for you and feeling to awkward to say anything. We never want you to feel uncomfortable or have a lacklustre experience, so we encourage open and honest dialogue between our clients and therapists/receptionists, so everyone is happy (you most importantly).

Remedial Massage Near Baulkham Hills

Our clinic near Baulkham Hills for remedial massage is one of the best places you can go in Sydney to get real relief. It all works by helping boost the body’s natural healing processes by working on tense, knotted or stiff muscles so that the recovery of your joints can speed up.

In a sense, it’s not the treatment itself that causes relief, it’s what the treatment encourages inside your own body. The human body is amazingly capable when pushed in the right direction, and our therapists know exactly how to size you up and provide a treatment that really helps.

Sports Massage Near Baulkham Hills

Our clinic nearby Baulkham Hills has sports massage therapists on-staff who are experts when it comes to giving their clients relief from acute injuries gained from intense physical activity, such as rugby or rock-climbing.

No matter the cause of your injury, you won’t get any judgement or unsolicited scrutiny from our team. We only talk about what you want to talk about, so if you’re a little embarrassed by your situation you don’t ever need to feel obligated to share personal details; the therapist only needs the information relevant to help you.

Our sports massage near Baulkham Hills can also be used if you’re a perfectly healthy athlete who wants to enhance their performance and loosen themselves up before a competition. Many athletes have made our clinic near Baulkham Hills a routine visit for them before their matches, and this helps them avoid injury when they’re on the field.

Deep Tissue Massage Near Baulkham Hills

Our clinic close to Baulkham Hills has massage for deep tissue problems that require a more hands-on approach. These types of treatments are highly therapeutic, with the practitioner using slow, deliberate strokes to apply firm pressure in order to reach – and soothe – the connective tissues beneath the surface layer of muscle.

You will often hear about ‘knots’ and how this treatment can break them down. These sections of rigid muscle are gently relaxed by the therapist so that you almost instantly feel less stiff than you did before.

This type of treatment at our clinic for massage near Baulkham Hills is a great way to loosen up and rejuvenate after a particularly stressful week, whether it be at work, home or at school – everyone needs to be pampered now and then. A mix of fingertip pressure, elbow pressure, friction and gliding will leave you feeling like a plate of jelly when it’s all said and done.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Near Baulkham Hills

Our clinic nearby Baulkham Hills has massage therapists trained in lymphatic drainage as well. This treatment is all about specific movements designed to help guide the lymphatic fluid to flow more evenly around your body. These fluids help collect and remove waste toxins in your body, making this type of treatment really great as part of a detox plan.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage Near Baulkham Hills

We often perform pregnancy and postpartum massage close to Baulkham Hills for our clients. This is an excellent way to alleviate aches and pains associated with pregnancy. It is also wonderful at relieving stress and helping with recovery following the birth of your child. We provide a gentle, nurturing and careful touch so that you leave feeling relaxed and restored.

If massage near Baulkham Hills sounds appealing to you, feel free to get in touch on (02) 9899 1416 to find out more or make an appointment online.


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