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Are you currently suffering from debilitating back or neck pain that radiates throughout your entire body? If the answer is yes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Aurum Health Care.


Who are we?

Our back care facility is located between Castle Hill and Baulkham Hills. We endeavour to provide our patients with amazing, high-quality services, ensuring that their needs are met and that their pain is effectively minimised. With over a decade of experience in joint and muscle therapy, you can rest assured that the team at Aurum Health Care can assist you with your chronic pain.

Our Team

At Aurum Health Care, we have two main chiropractors in our clinic near Castle Hill: Dr Paul Lee and Dr Vivien Voon. Dr Lee is a leading chiropractor in the Hills. Having graduated from Macquarie University in 2009, Dr Lee first began practicing on the North Shore. After several years there, he moved to the Hills District in 2013.

Like Dr Lee, Dr Voon is an experienced chiropractor. She has had a keen interest in human anatomy and the human body before she even began studying. It was this interest that encouraged her to enrol in a Bachelor’s degree at Macquarie University. Amazingly, she ended up graduating as one of the youngest Macquarie University graduates in 2005. After attaining her Master’s in 2007, Dr Voon began practicing in the Hills District and has been serving the Hills community for over a decade now.

Meet Our Team

The Benefits of our Treatment

There are many great advantages of seeing our Chiropractors located near Castle Hill.


Our patients always comment on the fact that their flexibility and overall mobility is greatly improved after seeing us. Seeing your local chiropractor near Castle Hill frequently will improve your muscle and joint flexibility, which is great if you are getting older, competing in a sport or keeping your active lifestyle.

Pain minimisation

Another benefit of seeing our chiropractors near Castle Hill is that it is incredibly effective in minimising various forms of chronic pain. Safe and effective, guidance from Dr Lee and Dr Voon certainly helps to alleviate any discomfort you might be experiencing, whether it be sharp nerve pain or a dull ache.

Better sleep

Getting ongoing joint and muscle therapy and treatment from one of our chiropractors could go a long way in improving your sleep patterns. Spinal pain or nerve pain, like sciatica, can significantly disrupt your sleep. Turning over in the middle night, a simple movement, could send waves of pain up through your back and spine. By targeting the inflamed nerves at the source, you’ll notice your nerve pain won’t be waking you up from your sleep as often.

Better balance

A misaligned spine can contribute to poor balance and core strength. If you work in an office and sit at a desk all day, then you might be suffering from poor posture. This could stem from a misaligned spine. Seeing your reliable chiropractor near Castle Hill will ensure that your back is as straight as possible and that you won’t suffer from any balance problems.

Our Values

In order to be a successful chiropractor, you must be transparent, ethical and compassionate in your dealings with patients. By adhering to these standards, our team endeavours to be the most reliable and trustworthy practice located in the Hills District. Indeed, our business goals are governed by the following key principles:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Generosity
  • Reliability
  • Trust

We do everything we can to contribute to the community in a practical and charitable way. We take seriously our responsibilities as citizens, and at Aurum, we are committed to improving the lives of those in the communities we serve. Since 2016, we have provided pro bono work in our clinic near Castle Hill and have contributed to the Leukemia Foundation, Dance on Q among many others.

What makes our approach different?

Our approach is somewhat unique; however, it’s been the reason why our results are so consistent. Because we focus so much on trust and respect, many of our patients are referral-based, often via family, friends, specialists, general practitioners, other chiropractors or even sometimes through business associates. We ensure that all communication is clear, honest and transparent – if you are unsure about anything throughout the process, simply clarify with one of our chiropractors. 

The process begins with a detailed assessment and overview of your medical history. After this, we’ll analyse the issue to verify its origin and then begin devising strategies to alleviate your pain. During this time, our respected chiropractor near Castle Hill will teach you a variety of different techniques to alleviate your pain.

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