Remedial Massage

Jason Muscat | Remedial Massage

Jason received a Diploma in Remedial Massage from the NSW School of Massage and is part of the Aurum Health Care team. 


As a sports enthusiast, he understands the peak performance and training requirements of the athlete and as a result, the build up of muscle tension in the body. Through this understanding, Jason uses techniques including sports specific muscle releases, trigger point therapy, myofascial releases and effleurage, all designed to help release muscle tension in an effective and safe manner. 

Jason’s commitment to ongoing learning and his dedication to improve the health, flexibility and mobility of clients, allows him to earn the trust needed to make sure the clients who seek care have the quickest recovery possible and are treated with the highest respect.

All massage therapists in Aurum Health Care are members of the Association of Massage Therapists and are endorsed by all major health funds.

Jason Muscat


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